About GetHooked

GetHooked was born from persistence, desire and yes a little or perhaps a lot of frustration,taking a dream and making it a reality.   Understanding that to take a hobby to the next level, regardless of the hobby, you need to Believe.   Believe in your heart and soul that you can accomplish your goals.   You need to Commit.  Commit 100% to achieving your goals, not 50%, 75% or even 95%, Commit 100%.   Last you need to execute and Act.   Act and repeat until you are as close to perfection as you can possibly be. Adhere to these principles and we guarantee you will be successful at whatever it is you do. GetHooked Product and Performance Gear is a brand that understands these principles and shares in your dreams to produce a product that performs at the level you EXPECT. So the Question for you is ARE YOU HOOKED?  

A family owned and operated business we understand the value of the dollar and value of the products we sell and purchase ourselves.   We consider our customers part of our expanded friends and family and are actively engaged in sporting and charitable support efforts throughout our communities.   If you see us, our staff or a fellow customer please make it a point to "shout out" 

We are actively looking for GetHooked BCA Ambassadors and to help spread the word in your community.  If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador go to our Customer Feedback Page. Title your Feedback as BCA Ambassador and we will be in touch with more details!